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Product Care

Our jewelry is made by hand and therefore delicate. Lauren Chisholm recommends storing your jewelry in the box and tarnish-preventing tissue paper provided. This will help to protect the finish and shape of the handmade design.

Patina gives jewelry distinction, much of its beauty and aesthetic appeal. Over time, sterling silver will tarnish and all jewelry will develop a patina unique to the wearer. An oxidized finish is an applied surface treatment. Exposure to skin acidity, perfumes, lotions, sunscreen and cleaning solutions can affect the patina of oxidized silver. 

To keep your sterling silver and 18k gold in beautiful condition, please avoid contact with water (salt or fresh), excessive perspiration, chlorine, sulfur, perfume, sunscreen, harsh cleaning solutions, hairspray, lotion and other chemicals.

To clean off most dirt and oils, Lauren Chisholm recommends washing precious metals by hand in warm water with a mild dishwashing liquid. It is important to rinse in clean water then dry both the front and back of your jewelry to avoid spotting. A silver polishing cloth or a quality brand silver polish can be used to add shine to your sterling jewelry. Please take care as pearls and most gemstones do not stand the force of cleaning agents, polishing cloth or ultrasonic cleaners.